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Audio Transfers

 Why wait ? Transfer your old films now !! No Set up Fees / No hidden charges. Preserve your Home Movies for ever on DVD & Flash Drive. 
Our film to DVD / Tape transfer includes digitizing, editing and cleaning up your films. Call for our low competitive fee schedule. There is a 500 foot minimum. Slide Transfer is also available please call for current pricing. 


You can now have your VHS and or Camcorder Tapes converted directly 

to a digital file (mp4)* and delivered on either a Flash Drive or SDHC card.

Additionally you can still do a DVD and a digital file or one or the other.

*Some restrictions apply.

Films to DVD-Direct to Digital

8mm, Super 8mm, & 16mm Movie Film Reels 

   1. Transfer to MPEG-4 or Professional Quality DVD's

   2. Includes Library Case & Available Music

   3. Includes Repairing, Cleaning, Editing

   4. Charged per foot / minimum 500 ft. No Set Up Fees

Slides-LP's - Compact Cassettes - Reel to Reel to Disc

35mm Slides in Cardboard or Plastic Mounts - Records 331/3 LPs 45s - audio cassettes

  1. DVD with Chapters, DVD for Computer & DVD player, or Computer Only

  2. Music video slide show for DVD players

  3. High resolution scans for computer suitable for prints up to 8X10

  4. Call for pricing

Video Transfer Service

VHS, S-VHS, S-VHSC, VHS-C, Hi-8, 8mm, MiniDV, Full Size DV, DVCam, Pal, Secam, Flash Drive 

  1. Transferred to High Quality 100 Year DVD's

  2. Includes DVD Case and 4-Color Keepsake Insert

  3. $10 - $15.00*  for up to Two Hours / * when more than 1 tape is dropped off

Film To USB & DVD
Slide Transfers
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