/projector rentals


Have Videographics take care of your presentation requirements. From creation of your content to rental of high quality projectors and screens, we can handle it for you. Contact us to discuss your multimedia presentation. We are currently offering  4:3 and 16:9 LCD Projectors capable of up to 300" inch image. We offer indoor and outdoor screens from 100" inches to 120" inches.



High Quality LCD Projector Rentals, 100” inch to 120" inch portable screens including Instatheatre pop up screen, 2 powered (amplified) Speakers, digital playback device / audio visual cart w/skirt, cables, direct audio feed & operator.

Have a professionally operated multimedia show presented at your event. Transfer your photographs / film to DVD or Flash Drive for a fabulous multimedia experience. For that unique gift, adds that special touch. Take any size photographs / film and have them transferred to Digital and then presented on a 100 / 120" inch screen with a high quality bright projector.

LCD Projectors

Built to Deliver Performance 
LCD projectors will steal the show with exceptionally bright, crystal-clear performance.  As light passes through the LCD panels, individual pixels ("picture elements") can be opened to allow light to pass or close to block the light, as if each little pixel were fitted with a Venetian blind. This activity modulates the light and produces the image that is projected onto the screen.

Instant Theater

Built to Deliver Performance 
Uniquely designed pop up screen lifts up and out of its sleek aluminum case and is ready to use in seconds. Lightweight and self-standing so it goes anywhere. Very unobtrusive. Perfect for presentations. Features a unique pneumatic scissor mechanism for raising and lowering the screen surface quickly. 100" diagonal size with exclusive Wide Power screen surface. Wide Power fabric is seamless. See photo above. We also offer a 120" inch portable & foldable 16:9 image area projector screen for indoor & outdoor use. Wide 160 degree viewing angle with a 1.1 gain PVC black backed screen for excellent viewing.

Powered Speakers

Built to Deliver Performance 
These professional powered audio speakers delivering 50 watts, and 2-way magnetic shielding  will enhance the multimedia experience. We provide two of these speakers for stereo sound. What makes these speakers unique is their small size and great power. They will handle crowds of up to 300 people. See image above.

We also offer the Ultra Powerful Altec Lansing ALP-220PK Speaker system. Image below. The Speaker Features a Peak Power of 2,200 Watts, a 15" High Excursion Woofer and a 3.5" Horn Tweeter. The Speaker Supports Stereo Pairing, a Built in Media Player with USB and SD Card Support, Microphone input, Microphone supplied, FM Radio and a Bluetooth Range of Up to 100 Feet. Allows for XLR, RCA and AUX Inputs. Good for larger crowds.